Ultimate Guide to Accounting Degrees

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The demand for accountants in the future is projected at 4% by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. For students wondering “What can I do with a bachelor’s in accounting?”, there is a wide range of prospects. From becoming an accounting clerk to getting promoted to chief financial officer, accounting majors can choose to work in any industry since all companies need qualified candidates to help them track financial progress, deal with taxation, and maintain financial records.

Prospective accounting majors may wonder, “Are accountants happy? According to a survey by the Journal of Accountancy, the majority said that they were satisfied with their salary and the flexibility of their jobs.

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Is accounting a good job for the future? Ultimately, that’s a personal choice but with projected growth and a wide range of responsibilities available in the field, there certainly are many career options.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s In Accounting?

Earlier we looked at the question, Are accountants happy? According to at least one source, the majority are. Accountants help people navigate the world of finance and can work with businesses or individuals. There are accounting positions in government, education, private sector, and public sector environments. Few other disciplines give graduates such a plethora of work opportunities to choose from.

So what can you do with a bachelor’s in accounting? The type of position accepted also can determine what your schedule will look like. For example, tax accountants have a busy season, typically January to April, which can produce high stress and leave professionals with little free time. However, for the remainder of the year, they can pursue other kinds of training and have more free time.

Is accounting a good job for the future? In the following sections, students will learn more about how the level and quality of education impact job prospects. Ultimately, students who love math and business may find accounting a rewarding career.

School/Program Accreditation

It’s important to choose a college or university with the appropriate accreditation at the national or regional level. You can verify school accreditation through the Department of Education’s DAPIP database, which holds national and regional accreditation information. There are also specific accrediting boards related to accounting programs.


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)  is one of two primary accrediting boards for accounting and bookkeeping programs. The other main accrediting agency, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), also promises students a high-quality education, carefully monitored by ACBSP.

Students seeking an accredited online accounting degree often wonder what the differences are between AACSB accredited online schools and ACBSP accredited schools. These options for accounting school accreditation both have advantages.

ACBSP vs AACSB: Which One Should You Choose?

When choosing which accredited online accounting degree to pursue, students have a choice between AACSB accredited online schools and ACBSP accredited schools. While both of these accounting school accreditation options promise a multidisciplinary, focused education, there are differences between the two students should consider.

Established in 1916, AACSB requires schools to interact with the local community. The organization accredits colleges and universities that demonstrate a focus on business and attract high-quality instructors. These schools provide excellent career opportunities for successful graduates and offer undergraduate and graduate-level courses. They go through our rigorous self-evaluation prior to frequent peer reviews.

Only 5% of business schools across the globe receive AACSB accreditation. Students who graduate from these schools go through a rigorous academic program and have a choice of high-paying jobs from employers who value this credential. Larger business programs typically receive this type of accreditation. for instance, most Ivy League schools have AACSB accreditation.

The ACBSP was created in 1989 and has accredited more than 3,000 programs so far. The schools with this distinction pass a rigorous vetting process and must be active with the local community. Schools within a CPSP accreditation go through a comprehensive review every two years.

Types of Accounting and Bookkeeping Degrees

Like many other fields, there are multiple levels of education for those who want to become bookkeepers or accountants.


An associate in accounting degree is the lowest level of post-high-school education. Getting an associate degree in accounting can help students save money by shaving off time from a four-year degree at a school with higher tuition. It takes about two years to complete an associate’s degree full-time and three to four years to complete hey program part-time. Often, those who get their associate’s degree go on to work in entry-level jobs or pursue a bachelor’s degree.

An online associate’s degree in accounting works well for students who already have jobs in accounting and want to advance at their current position. With an online associate’s accounting degree, students can juggle work, life, and school responsibilities without losing time commuting back and forth to classes. Therefore, an associate’s degree in accounting online is becoming more popular with students who don’t want to quit their job to continue their education.

Most associate in accounting degree programs consists of at least 60 credits. However, many schools offering an associate degree in accounting offer numerous transfer credits.   So, students can streamline their completion of an online associate’s degree in accounting by transferring up to 45 credits at some schools. This means that students can complete an associate’s degree in as little as one semester. Courses in two-year programs may include principles of finance, applied marketing strategies, and accounting.

An online associate’s accounting degree provides an opportunity for those who want entry-level positions to meet the minimum job requirements. To get into an associate’s degree in accounting online, students need a high school diploma or GED. Two-year programs are typically much less expensive than pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, many students attend a community college for the first two years of their education and then transfer their credits into an accredited accounting program at a four-year university.


With a bachelor’s in accounting online degree, many students take their first steps into the world of finance and accounting. A bachelor of accounting degree online teaches graduates to interpret financial regulations and prepare tax returns. An online bachelor’s degree in accounting also prepares students to audit company finances or create reports for stakeholders.

Those with an online accounting bachelor’s degree sometimes go on to earn their certified public accountant or CPA designation. Online accounting bachelor’s degrees play a huge role in preparing for the CPA exams. In order to become a CPA, students must first complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting online or on campus.

Some bachelors in accounting online degrees offer areas of specialization such as tax or personal accounting. Other online bachelors of accounting degree programs focus on corporate finance. With a bachelor’s in accounting online degree, students can also go on to pursue postgraduate studies in finance or a related field.

Who pursues a bachelor of accounting degree online? Career changers, high school graduates and those who wish to further their education may decide that an online bachelor’s degree in accounting can help them further their future. Whether students choose online accounting bachelors degrees or on-site classroom programs. a bachelor’s degree in accounting online or elsewhere takes about four years going full-time.

Students also have the option to study for bachelor in accounting online degrees part-time. An online bachelor of the accounting degree program may allow up to 90 transfer credits, which can greatly shorten how long it takes to complete the degree.


An online master of accounting it’s a great option for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in a similar or unrelated field. With an online master’s in accounting, students can prepare for managerial roles or specialize in a particular area of the field. There are two main choices for getting a master of accounting online. Students can choose to study accounting or pursue their master of business administration or MBA degree.

An online master’s of accounting can help students who feel stuck in mid-level careers move up in their current job or update their skillset to find another employer. A master’s in accounting online can also help students prepare for the CPA exam. However, students should be careful to choose an online accounting master that aligns with their career goals. That’s because many online masters of accounting degrees focus on a more narrow topic in the field.

Many online masters in accounting require GMAT or GRE scores. Some colleges and universities offering a master of accounting online have preferred the GMAT. However, other online master’s of accounting programs don’t require test scores at all.

There are many options for students who want to study in the convenience of their own home and pursue a master’s in accounting online. Courses in an online accounting master’s curriculum may include communications, business law, ethics, and advanced financial topics. Most master’s programs will include a capstone in which students work in teams or individually to conduct audits, fencing accounting, or taxation projects.


Prospective students may pursue an MBA or masters in accounting. An MBA holds a lot of attraction for those who are most interested in business leadership or who want to run their own businesses. Like most master’s programs, MBAs take around two years of full-time study.

However, there are other programs that accelerate the timeline so that students can graduate in just over a year if they attend full-time.MBAs typically include up to 36 credits of classes that run between 5 to 15 weeks each, depending on how the school structures its semesters. MBAs provide a well-rounded education that may include leadership, operations management, and marketing course.

Certifications and Licenses for Accounting

Is a bookkeeping certificate worth it? It really depends on what your ultimate career goals are. Getting a certification in bookkeeping can set students up for success if they want to master various bookkeeping software and receive technology certifications. Certifications help bookkeepers find new clients and gain new skillsets.

Is an accounting certificate worth it? Students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field may decide to pursue a certification to help them switch careers into bookkeeping, auditing, and accounting roles.

Is a certificate in accounting worth it for those who want to get their CPA? there are many programs that focus on preparing students for CPA licensing exams. Pursuing a certificate might not directly assist students who want to become certified public accountants.

How to Get an Accounting Certificate Online

First, prospective students must choose between an MS accounting vs MBA program. Often, the first decision is deciding whether to pursue a master’s in accounting or CPA courses. it really depends on what the student’s final goals are. Both CPA or masters in accounting credentials can help students land well-paying mid-to high-level jobs in the field.

Do You Need a Masters to Be A CPA?

What degree do I need to become a CPA? Some students begin to prepare for the CPA exams after getting a bachelor’s degree. in order to obtain a CPA designation, students must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field. Students who go on to get their MBA or masters in accounting may have a slight edge in both the job market and preparation for they are CPA exams.

Job titles for a certified public accountant include auditor, tax advisor, forensic accountant, CFO, and similar rules. choosing an MBA gives students a wider base of knowledge. However, those who want a CPA license should focus on programs that have finance and accounting at the center of their programs.

Is a bookkeeping certificate worth it? Yes, this certificate can help you learn about the latest accounting software used by individuals, businesses, or corporations. Is an accounting certificate worth it? This is another easy yes. this certificate helps students change careers or obtain entry-level positions while they continue to study for their associate, bachelors, or another degree.

Is a certificate in accounting worth it If someone wants to open their own business? it depends on the goals of the student. Students who want to obtain certification so that they can improve their accounting skills and grow their business may benefit greatly from this certificate.

Do you how to get an accounting certificate online? It really varies by program. Therefore, it’s important to visit the site of each school that you’re considering and find out what they require to complete your degree there.

What degree do I need to become a CPA, MS accounting vs MBA? Technically, you don’t need a master’s degree to take the CPA exams in most states. A master’s in accounting or CPA certification are two separate career tracks. However, a CPA or master’s in accounting both open doors when it comes to your career.

So, do you need a masters to be a CPA? No. If you want to obtain a master’s before sitting for your CPA exams, studying accounting geared toward the CPA track is your best option.

Careers in Accounting and Bookkeeping

I have an associate’s degree in accounting now what? With an associate’s degree in accounting, students can look for jobs such as clerks or accountant assistance. Many also go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Is an associate’s degree in accounting worth it? Yes, if nothing else, getting an associate’s degree in accounting can save you money since many community colleges offer associate’s degrees at it much cheaper tuition than four-year colleges. Many four-year colleges accept transfer credits from two-year schools. Associates accounting degree jobs don’t pay as much as those requiring a master’s degree or higher. However, accounting jobs with an associate degree give graduates an opportunity to see if they like working in the field. Some accounting associate’s degree jobs offer room for advancement even without a baccalaureate degree.

What can I do with an associate’s degree in accounting? Strategic job selection can help students make the most of their AA or AS degrees. Those asking, “What can I do with an associate’s in accounting?” Should start deciding on which careers with an associate’s degree in accounting hold the most potential for advancement or picking up valuable job skills.

While associate degrees in accounting careers typically have lower salaries than those requiring a bachelor’s or master’s degree, online entry-level accounting jobs often accept candidates with a two-year degree. This allows them to work from the comfort of home. Since most accounting jobs involve logging into network systems, students who want to work at home should look for companies that use cloud-based software they can access from the internet. That way, they can work from home at least part of the time.

Ultimately, the type of degree students get will depend on their accounting career path. An accounting job description varies from field to field, location to location, and also depends on whether the position involves low or high levels of responsibility.

Career opportunities in the accounting profession include everything from a data entry clerk to the chief financial officer of a large institution or corporation. Fortunately, accounting career information is widely available online. With a few years of experience, graduates with an AA or AS don’t have to settle for accounting jobs entry level.

Still asking, I have an associate’s degree in accounting now what? Consider getting your four-year degree or even going on to complete a master’s degree. This will greatly expand your career options.

Accounting Jobs List 

Here’s a small sample of different job titles in the field.

Government and Non-Profit accounting jobs:

  • Fund Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • IRS Accountant
  • Public Accounting:
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Cost Estimator
  • Enrolled Agent
  • Tax Attorney
  • Tax Preparer
  • Real Estate Appraiser

Accounting career path planning for private accounting:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budget Analyst
  • Actuarial Accountant
  • Controller
  • Capital Accountant
  • Sustainability Measurement
  • Cost Accountant
  • Payroll Accountant

Accounting career path for financial services:

  • Business Valuation
  • Tax Consultant  
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Financial Analyst

Jobs for Master’s in Accounting Graduates 

Jobs for masters in accounting graduates may include senior financial analyst, comptroller, auditor, or manager.  Masters in accounting jobs can help those with several years’ experience advance in the field, gain more responsibilities and a higher salary.

Master of accounting jobs includes jobs with fancy-sounding titles and not so fancy titles. For instance, you can pursue jobs such as financial manager, financial service sales agent, personal financial advisor, or a plethora of other roles.

Is an associate’s degree in accounting worth it? Associates accounting degree jobs allow you to get the experience you need to break into the field. However, accounting jobs with an associate degree sometimes pay about half of what you could earn with a bachelor’s or higher degree. Therefore, accounting associates degree jobs should be considered a career springboard rather than a lifelong career.

What can I do with an associate’s degree in accounting? If you still have to ask, “What can I do with an associate’s in accounting?” It may be worthwhile to research careers with an associate’s degree in accounting. Please note that some of these jobs may involve remote work, allowing you to work from home. With an associate’s degree in accounting careers, you can pursue flexible online entry-level accounting jobs and save time and money by not commuting.

Accounting jobs descriptions on search engines such as Indeed, Monster, and other platforms give you a window into available career opportunities in the accounting profession. As part of their research in choosing both a degree and a university, students should consider researching accounting career information, especially accounting jobs entry level.

The accounting jobs list above and others like it can help students layout their accounting career path planning.

With masters in accounting jobs, most graduates see huge increases in their paychecks, especially when they look for new master of accounting jobs.

Salary Expectations in Accounting

How much can you make with an associate’s degree in accounting? You can find out by Googling associates in accounting salary are looking on popular payroll reporting sites such as pay scale and salary.com. According to salary.com, an associate’s degree in accounting salary ranges between 53,000 and $56,000.

How much money can you make with an associate’s degree in accounting? Years of experience and job responsibility determined how much your employer is willing to pay. Entry-level accounting salary almost definitely is lower than a bachelor degree in accounting salary since accounting jobs salary Often depends on your level of education.

Those who wish to move up from entry-level accounting jobs salary positions Should consider going back to school. For example, a BS in accounting salary is probably higher than an associate’s degree salary. A graduate accounting career’s salary will range from the first entry-level accounting jobs salary they accept to promotion to leadership along with a master’s in accounting salary.

Master of Science in accounting salary can be quite lucrative. MS accounting salary may include choosing between business administration vs accounting salary. there are more options available for those with experience in business administration. These jobs also tend to be more analytical. So, it depends on what tasks you like to do and what concentration you take.

How much does a CPA make with a master’s degree? CPA and masters in accounting salary ranges approach or exceed six figures. It’s easy to estimate the average salary for a CPA with a master’s degree by searching for open job descriptions that require the certification. CPA vs MBA salary Largely depends on the type of job you have. Whether you land an MBA vs MAcc starting salary doesn’t matter as much as the type of work you are expected to do. More responsibility typically equates to a higher salary.

how much can you make with an associate’s degree in accounting if you already have experience in the field? An associate’s in accounting salary For someone with a few years experience is typically thousands of dollars higher than and graduate landing their first job with an associates degree in accounting salary.

How much money can you make with an associate’s degree in accounting if you already have a degree in another field? If you already work in a related field, you can expect to exceed entry-level accounting salary ranges. there are many accounting jobs salaries that don’t specify the education level. However, in general, many employers prefer a BA or BS degree when filling bachelor’s degree in accounting salary.

if you work in the field and aren’t happy with your current BS in accounting salary, consider going back to school for your master’s. You can also escape an entry-level accounting jobs salary by taking and passing your exam for CPA.

A master’s in accounting salaries (MS accounting salary) also depends on the employer you choose. Obviously, nonprofit organizations can’t pay the same master of science in accounting salary as a Wall Street firm.

What is the business administration vs accounting salary and how much does a CPA make with a master’s degree? CPA and masters in accounting salary ranges tend to be quite high.

According to payscale, MBA vs MAacc’s starting salary ranges are MAcc $72,000 versus $101,000 for an MBA.


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