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Getting a master’s in digital marketing online makes sense when you’re a working professional or you want access to a school that’s not in your immediate area. It’s also a good option for students who want to continue their education after earning an undergraduate degree, but don’t want to or have the time to commit to taking classes on a physical campus.

Attending a master’s in digital marketing online program also allows the student to learn in an environment that they’ll be working in once they’ve earned their degree. Getting an online master’s in digital marketing ultimately helps a graduate student get a leg up in a field that’s experiencing high demand for qualified individuals. Students also have the option to complete an accelerated degree program for their masters in digital marketing online and find employment sooner than their peers who decide to take the traditional amount of time to complete a master’s. Plus, a higher salary for a master’s degree helps make up for the stress of the program.

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When all is said and done, there are a lot of good reasons why you should get your masters in digital marketing online. Taking classes online frees you from the need to attend a campus and gives you the freedom to study at your own pace. There is also more time in your day to manage your schoolwork, daily needs and your career without the additional stress of commuting to a campus for classes. 

How We Ranked the Best Online Master’s in Digital Marketing

For working professionals who want to take their digital marketing career to the next level, Value Colleges has ranked the best online digital marketing master’s programs in the US. With the VC commitment to real job market value, editors feature only accredited, reputable programs ranked according to practical factors that mean return on investment: tuition cost, reputation, and potential salary

1. University of Florida

For students who are searching for the best online Masters in Digital Marketing, the University of Florida offers several options. Students learn how to use a variety of digital channels so they can maximize the potential of their marketing strategies. They are also able to use the latest technology to advance the company brand making it easier to identify and more resilient. With an online Master in Digital Strategy, the graduate can begin to move forward in their career while maintaining their full-time job.

The University of Florida has established a reputation for itself of being one of the most technologically advanced schools in the country. Faculty members bring years of experience and insight that gives students a new perspective on their future careers. By offering students an option to learn online, it extends the university’s reach to encompass a global audience. With the digital age, the university is broadening every student’s horizon so they set goals that will take them higher than ever before.

Program: Master Digital Strategy

University of Florida

2. Johns Hopkins University

John Hopkins University offers students the best online Masters in Digital Marketing in the Maryland area. Courses are developed using the latest technology that allows students to effectively utilize every digital avenue at their disposal. Students are able to combine digital technology with sound marketing strategies to create strong brands and produce verifiable results. With an MS in Marketing, graduates are able to enter the workforce and have the competitive edge they need to succeed.

Johns Hopkins University is known the world over for its excellence in academics. The faculty at the university are known for their leadership skills and professionalism. As one of the leaders in the academic world, the university strives to provide each student with an online learning experience that allows them to grow and thrive in whatever career path they choose to follow. Advisors and faculty members provide guidance and encouragement students can rely on as they work to complete their education.

Program: MS Marketing

3. Santa Clara University

Students who are interested in earning the best Digital Marketing Masters online should visit Santa Clara University. The university’s online programs provide students every opportunity to achieve their educational goals while still maintaining a full-time job. By providing the necessary skills the students need to be effective at digital marketing, the university paves the way for them to create the career they want. Earning a Masters in Marketing is a great way to secure their financial future in this technologically advanced field.

Students who enroll in Santa Clara University are provided with curriculum and resources that have been proven to meet industry standards. Faculty members are not just educators. They are highly skilled professionals, many with long lists of achievements and years of experience. The guidance and support that is afforded to each student are immeasurable. After graduation, students are prepared to go out into the world with confidence and determination.

Program: Masters Marketing 

Santa Clara University

4. Rutgers University

Rutgers University offers students one of the best online Masters in Digital Marketing programs in the country. The program teaches students the best ways to utilize every digital avenue they have at their disposal. It also gives them an opportunity to add to their marketing skills. The ability to combine both technology and marketing into one unique career path allows the student to enjoy a broader range of opportunities. With an online MS in Digital Marketing, graduates are able to earn as they learn gaining much-needed experience and expertise.

At Rutgers University, the ultimate goal is providing each student with the highest quality of education possible. The university was ranked the #1 Public Business School in the Northeast United States by the Financial Times in 2018. Each students’ scholastic achievement is supported by award-winning faculty members. Helping each student succeed in reaching their goals is the main priority. Providing the best online Masters in Digital Marketing is just the beginning.

Program: Digital Marketing, MS 

Rutgers University

5. Temple University

The Fox School of Business provides Temple University students with the best Digital Marketing Masters online degree program in the area. The marketing skills and strategies that are taught in this degree program are essential for working in a technologically advanced environment. Students are able to transform an average job into an exciting and very lucrative career. Earning an online MS in Digital Marketing will open the door to many opportunities that they may have never had a chance for prior to graduation.

Temple University’s online programs allow students to learn from anywhere without having to ever visit the campus. The university’s online programs provide the same learning opportunities as its on-campus courses. Faculty members work diligently to ensure that each student has the support they need throughout their time they are enrolled in the online program. Graduating with one of the best online Master in Digital Marketing degrees from Temple University is a great way to kick off an amazing career.

Program: MS DIgital Marketing

Temple University

6. University of Alabama

If a student is interested in one of the best Digital Marketing Masters online, they can turn to the University of Alabama for all of their educational needs. Programs offered by the university teach all of the skills required to build a lucrative digital marketing career. In this fast-paced field, being able to utilize digital tools and resources is a must if you want to be successful. By earning your MS in Marketing online, you have the option to continue to work while you go to school. Not only are you able to care for your family, you are able to use the skills you are learning in the process.

The University of Alabama offers online courses that exceed the standards set by the marketing industry. Faculty and staff are committed to providing every student with the highest quality education and resources possible, both before and after graduation. With the best online Masters in Digital Marketing online students are able to achieve all of their goals and set new ones so they can continue to surpass new challenges.

Program: MS Marketing

University of Alabama

7. Montclair State University

Montclair State University provides students with the best Digital Marketing Masters online degree programs. Digital channels are explored and utilized to their fullest advantage. Students are able to take their marketing skills and maximize their potential by applying them to multiple digital avenues. This allows for maximum exposure that strengthens a company’s brand making it more recognizable and accessible to its target audience. Students who earn an MBA in Digital Marketing can begin to use their skills while working in their current job and taking care of their family.

Montclair State University’s MBA degree programs are fully accredited. They are often the first choice of students who are wanting to enroll in the best online Masters in Digital Marketing degree programs. Courses are taught online, providing flexible schedules and offering students a way to keep their current job while attending college and earning their MBA degree. Faculty members make themselves available to students when they are needed the most.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing

Montclair State University

8. Messiah College

Messiah College offers one of the best Digital Marketing Masters online degree programs. As a faith-based college, the school provides students with the digital marketing skills they need while allowing them to learn in an online environment that promotes their beliefs and supports their commitment to their faith. Students who are working full-time can take advantage of the school’s flexible schedule and online MBA Digital Marketing programs to complete their education while supporting and caring for their families.

Messiah College offers every student the option to succeed while still remaining committed to their faith. The college goes above and beyond to ensure that each student is capable of receiving the resources and support they need whether they are on campus or learning from a remote location. With students located across the United States and in over 25 countries across the globe, the college is continuing its mission to provide each student with an education they can be proud of.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing

Messiah College

9. University of Denver

The University of Denver gives digital marketing students an opportunity to enroll in one of the best Digital Marketing Masters online degree programs. Programs are 100% online and teach students everything they will need to know about working in a digital marketing environment. They are given the technologically advanced skills that are required to be successful in this fast-paced, detail-driven field. With an online Masters in Marketing Communication, students can start to pursue their goals even before they graduate with their degree.

The University of Denver – University College is proud of the fact that almost 90% of the students who are enrolled in its online courses are employed full-time. Each degree program is designed for maximum flexibility which allows students a chance to remain at work while they attend school. Faculty members work with students through the online format to ensure that lessons are fully understood and that students are getting the most out of every course.

Program: Master’s in Marketing Communication

University of Denver

10. Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University offers the best online Masters in Digital Marketing degree programs the opportunity students are looking for. Students are given the ability to use digital channels like social media, blogs, and websites, to their fullest advantage. These resources can help to strengthen a company’s brand, making it more recognizable and more memorable. Graduates who complete their online MS in Digital Marketing can start to enjoy new opportunities almost immediately. They are often able to choose a new position that includes more responsibility and a higher rate of pay.

Northern Illinois University offers accredited online digital marketing courses that are both technologically advanced and offer flexible class schedules. Faculty and staff are available to assist students to overcome challenges they may experience during the learning process. By providing students with the best online Masters in Digital Marketing, the university remains one of the most well-respected in the Midwest. Students from anywhere in the country can return to school knowing they will receive a quality education.

Program: MS Digital Marketing

Northern Illinois University

11. Brandeis University

Brandeis University offers students from across the world some of the best online Masters’ in Digital Marketing degree programs. Students are taught how to effectively use a variety of digital formats, including websites, emails, blogs, and social media to their fullest advantage. The online platform makes it easy for the student to stay at their existing job while they are attending class. Once a student has earned their online MS in Digital Marketing and Design, they can move forward and begin to create the career they have always dreamed of.

Brandeis University is one of the most unique schools of higher learning on the east coast. The university was established in the late 1940s to assist Jewish individuals in getting the education they deserved. Since its humble beginnings, the university now reaches out to all students who are interested in furthering their education. Faculty members and students come from across the world to be a part of this accredited and diverse learning environment.

Program: MS Digital Marketing and Design

Brandeis University

12. Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University gives digital marketing students an opportunity to enroll in the best online Masters in Digital Marketing degree programs available. Skills taught in these technologically advanced online programs include managing social media accounts, creating websites, writing blogs and emails, and many others. Each student is given the necessary resources they will need to become leaders in their chosen field. Receiving an online MS in Digital Marketing makes it possible for the student to continue to work at their job. This flexibility is extremely beneficial and reduces the stress associated with blending two schedules.

Yeshiva University offers a very close learning environment. Students can enjoy a one on one relationship with mentors and faculty members ensuring they get the vital support they need throughout their time at the university. Faculty members and staff are committed to having a positive impact on every student they come in contact with, even if it is only in an online environment. Each student deserves personal attention and the opportunity to succeed. Earning an online MS in Digital Marketing gives them the tools and resources they will need.

Program: MS in Digital Marketing

Yeshiva University

13. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University provides the best Digital Marketing Masters online program for students who are interested in working in this fast-paced, technologically advanced field. By mastering the necessary skills, students are able to establish a strong brand, create an effective website, and use social media platforms to their fullest potential. By enrolling in an online MBA Digital Marketing degree, students are able to complete their degree with as little stress as possible. Combining both school and work schedules has never been easier.

Fort Hays State University offers accredited digital marketing degree programs in an online format that allows students from all over the country to enjoy a very unique learning experience. Faculty members are committed to providing students with the most innovative teaching methods possible. Opportunities and challenges are around each corner, making sure that students are continually advancing through each course and gaining the resources they need to succeed.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing

Fort Hays State University

14. National University

National University offers the best online Masters in Digital Marketing programs to students across the country. The courses included in these technologically advanced degree programs teach students valuable skills and talents they will need if they pursue a degree in digital marketing. Social media, blogs, and websites are just a few of the digital tools that can be utilized to enhance almost any marketing strategy. Enrolling in an online MS in Marketing program offers all of these skills and more for students who are serious about moving forward in their careers.

At National University, students have access to fully accredited, online degree programs that adhere to the university’s strict commitment to excellence in education. The high standards they have in place when it comes to their curriculum also apply to the staff and faculty. Students can rely on their advisors and instructors for the support they need to work through any challenges and obstacles they may face as they work toward obtaining their degree in Digital Marketing.

Program: MS Marketing

National University

15. Benedictine University

Benedictine University offers the best Digital Marketing Masters online degree programs in the area. Students are able to learn how to build and manage both websites and social media accounts effectively. They are given valuable resources that can be utilized throughout their career as they continue to pursue their goals. Earning an online MBA Concentration in Marketing Management is the key to establishing yourself as a professional in the field of digital marketing.

Benedictine University offers innovative courses that use cutting-edge technology to provide a personalized learning experience for every student who enrolls in its online courses. The university follows the traditions of the Roman Catholic, as well as the Benedictine order. It is through these principles that the university encourages students to serve their communities and lead by example in all that they do. The faculty of the university guides students through the educational process by giving them the support and assistance they need to succeed.

Program: MBA-Concentration-Marketing Management 

Benedictine University

16. East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University gives students access to the best online Masters in Digital Marketing programs in the state. They are given the necessary tools to effectively manage all types of digital formats including social media, websites, and emails. Through mastering and fine-tuning these skills, they can create marketing strategies that will broaden the horizons of almost any size business. With an online Masters in Digital Marketing, students will also have the confidence they need to accept new job opportunities that bring more responsibility and higher pay.

East Tennessee State University has a reputation for providing its students with exceptional course material that will provide them with everything they need to become professionals in the field of digital marketing. The faculty members strive to create an online learning environment that encourages productivity and excitement. Having the best Digital Marketing Masters online degree is a great way to get a new career off the ground.

Program: Master Digital Marketing

East Tennessee State University

17. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University gives students an opportunity to pursue one of the best online Masters in Digital Marketing degree programs in the area. Courses teach valuable, technologically advanced skills that enable students to manage a variety of digital platforms. These digital avenues make it possible to market a brand to a much larger audience, strengthening the brand, and making it more memorable. An online MS in Digital Marketing degree is convenient to earn and rewarding as well when it comes to the long term benefits it offers.

Fairleigh Dickinson University is well-known for its academic excellence when it comes to providing students with quality coursework and professional instructors. Faculty and staff always go the extra mile in an effort to give students the insight and encouragement they need to succeed when working toward their career goals. Enrolling in an online Masters degree program, students are able to enjoy a more flexible schedule and remain confident in their ability to take on new challenges as they arise.

Program: MS Digital Marketing

Fairleigh Dickinson University

18. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University offers the best online Masters in Digital Marketing degree programs in the area. Students are able to learn valuable skills that will help them manage many different digital channels, like social media, blogs, emails, websites, and mobile apps. Being able to use these technologically advanced tools will allow them to broaden their marketing scope and reach larger, more diverse audiences. Earning an MBA with a Marketing Concentration will open up many opportunities that they may not have otherwise had.

Saint Leo University has a long-standing tradition of providing its students with coursework that meets or exceeds industry standards. Saint Leo is one of the oldest and most respected Catholic universities in the state of Florida. It has continually been ranked as one of the top universities in the south when it comes to advanced, online degree programs. Students who choose Saint Leo University receive the encouragement they need to complete their degree and pursue a career they can be proud of.

Program: MBA Marketing Concentration

Saint Leo University

19. Concordia University Chicago

Concordia University Chicago gives students a chance to enroll in the best Masters of Digital Marketing online degree programs. Managing social media accounts and websites are only part of what is taught as part of a digital marketing program. Students also learn how to write effective emails and blogs. They are able to utilize almost any digital platform for marketing purposes. An online MBA with a Digital Marketing Specialization provides the student with everything they need to apply and get hired for the most sought after jobs.

Concordia University Chicago has been offering quality educational programs for many years. In addition to the award-winning curriculum, faculty members are proven professionals with many years of experience. When students face challenges, they are available to provide much-needed assistance and guidance. The online degree programs offered by the university make it possible for students to study from any location and maintain a steady, full-time work schedule.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing Specialization

Concordia University Chicago

20. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University’s online Masters of Digital Marketing degree programs is one of the best available to students across the country. The online format gives students an opportunity to learn about digital marketing strategies that are both effective and easy to manage. From social media to websites, each course is designed to be a valuable educational resource each student can take full advantage of. An online MS in Marketing gives students everything they need to face each professional challenge and explore new opportunities in the digital world.

Southern New Hampshire University is one of the most well-known online universities in the country. Students have access to exceptional academic coursework through an easy to use online platform. Faculty members mentor students, interacting with them on a regular basis to ensure they have a firm grasp of the course materials being offered. The university makes it possible for students to work and care for their families by creating flexible schedules that allow them to study when it is most convenient for them.

Program: MS Marketing

Southern New Hampshire University

21. Liberty University

Liberty University has many of the best online Masters of Digital Marketing degree programs available in the state. Students can expect to learn valuable tools that will allow them to manage many different digital avenues at one time, creating a marketing strategy that offers a wider reach than anything that has been used before. Students who enroll in an online MS in Digital Marketing Advertising will begin to reap the rewards of their choice with the first class they take. The flexible schedule of the online courses makes it easy to stay on track. 

Liberty University is a distinguished institution of higher learning that has been offering excellence in education for over 50 years. From the accredited coursework to the exemplary faculty and staff, the university ranks at the top when it comes to exceeding industry expectations. Earning a degree from the university provides students with an advantage over their competition. It also gives them the confidence they need to continue to move forward and achieve their goals.

Program: Marketing: Digital Marketing  Advertising, MS 

Liberty University

22. Walden University

Walden University logo. (PRNewsFoto/Walden University)

Walden University has one of the best Masters of Digital Marketing online degree programs for students who are interested in exploring their career options. By providing them with valuable resources and the skills that are necessary to do the job, the university ensures that each student can effectively manage multiple digital platforms for advertising and marketing purposes. Earning an MS in Marketing is a great way to gain an advantage while the student continues to work at their full-time job.

Walden University offers its coursework to students in over 120 countries across the globe. The university strives to use its educational resources as a catalyst to inspire change for the greater good. Both faculty and teaching staff work to provide each student with the support they need to thrive in their chosen careers. While the university offers the best Masters in Digital Marketing online, it is up to the student to use what the course offers to reach their full potential and have a successful career.

Program: MS Marketing

Walden University

23. New England College

Students who are looking for the best online Masters in Digital Marketing degree programs can contact New England College. The online programs they offer are both technologically advanced and highly informative. This gives students every tool, resource, and skill they will need when earning their degree in digital marketing. The online schedule is extremely flexible allowing students the opportunity to earn their degree in their own time. Being able to learn while they work gives them a chance to work towards a better life for themselves and their families.

New England College continues to excel at developing quality degree programs that students can count on to provide them with what they need. Combine the exceptional coursework with the diligence and commitment of the staff and you have a winning combination that makes New England College one of the most popular online schools in the northeast. Graduates who are enrolling in one of the best Digital Marketing online degree programs leave the school with the confidence that they are ready to take on any new opportunity that comes their way. 

Program: MBA Digital Marketing

New England College

24. Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University continues to offer the best online Masters in Digital Marketing degree programs. Skills that involve managing many different digital channels, as well as using digital tools like emails, mobile apps, and blogs, are taught throughout the course. Students who must remain working while they attend school are able to learn all of these skills and more by attending class through an online format. An online MBA with Digital Marketing will help the student get on the fast track when it comes to building a solid foundation for their careers.

Ohio Christian University prides itself on being a military-friendly school and has earned the distinction of being listed as a Purple Heart University. With a student to faculty ratio of 11 to 1, students who are attending classes online can rest assured, they will have access to a mentor or faculty member whenever they need assistance. When a graduate has completed their online degree program, they can set their sights on reaching even the loftiest of goals.

Program: MBA with Digital Marketing

Ohio Christian University

25. Emerson College

Emerson College offers one of the best online Masters of Digital Marketing programs in the country. Students who choose this degree look forward to the advanced technology and how it can be used to create stellar marketing strategies for almost any digital format. Students can learn about digital analytics as well as how mobile apps are taking the place of many computer programs. With an online MA in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics, students can pave their own career paths and choose the type of jobs they want to do.

Emerson College is a well-respected school with a solid reputation for providing the best academic programs in the northeast. No matter what degree program is chosen, students have access to the latest technology as well as well-respected faculty members who are professionals in their own right. Graduating from such a well-known college does have benefits. Even the online courses are well worth the effort and will provide you with a solid foundation for your future.

Program: MA Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

Emerson College

How Do I Choose a Master’s in Digital Marketing?

Choosing a masters in digital marketing can be difficult. Naturally you’d want to take the best masters in digital marketing program that’s available to you. An online master’s program for digital marketing has the potential to give you access to the best digital marketing masters programs that would otherwise be unavailable due to distance. So, just how do you choose a masters in digital marketing?

A masters degree involves spending more time in school to further your career or to help you refine your undergraduate degree to work in a specific area of a career field. Not all masters in digital marketing programs are alike even though they’re accredited by national organizations. Accreditation is an educational standard that ensures all students receive an education that’s recognized by the public at large and employers. When looking at masters in digital marketing programs, you need to make sure that the program is accredited by a well-known organization and that your education meets accepted standards. That way you can be sure that you’ll get the most out of the time and effort you put into advancing your education.

In an online digital marketing degree, you will learn skills like:

  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • digital marketing strategy
  • marketing research
  • designing marketing campaigns
  • web analytics
  • mobile marketing
  • marketing analytics
  • consumer behavior
  • search engine marketing
  • digital storytelling

By the time you reach a point you’re going for your master’s degree, you should have a good idea of the kind of knowledge and skills you’re seeking to attain. Someone who has earned an undergraduate degree in traditional marketing may feel that they didn’t learn enough about digital marketing techniques during their undergraduate studies and feels that the future of marketing is digital. A digital marketing masters is a natural choice, but the program needs to offer the types of classes the student feels is necessary for their career.

Prior to applying, identify the classes you feel are a must-have for your career and look for online digital marketing masters programs that meet your needs at the very least. Attending a digital marketing masters program that is in alignment with your goals will help you find the employment that you’re ultimately seeking. 

Are Digital Marketing Skills Relevant in Project Management Graduate Programs?

Online project management graduate programs are increasingly emphasizing the importance of digital marketing skills. In today’s digital age, managing projects effectively requires a strong understanding of online marketing strategies. By incorporating digital marketing into project management education, graduates can develop a well-rounded skill set that is relevant in today’s business environment.

What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do?

When looking at digital marketing manager job descriptions, it’s quickly apparent that the role is one that covers the use of online tools to spread the word about a digital marketing campaign. But that’s not the only thing that a digital marketing manager does. 

The basics of marketing haven’t changed much since people figured out how to advertise their products and get people to purchase. What has changed, however, is how the job is done. The digital marketing manager not only has to understand how marketing campaigns are developed and executed, they also have to be able to use the digital tools that help them reach their target audience on all platforms. It’s not enough to engage in traditional marketing techniques alone due to the fact people have their eyes on their digital screens more often than they do the TV, newspaper and magazines. The same goes for traditional radio because people can connect their phones to their car audio and listen to streaming music. 

The job description of a digital marketing manager includes being able to handle social media advertising campaigns, generate content marketing materials, engage in intelligent email marketing, and being able to create mobile-friendly marketing campaigns. The digital marketing manager has to combine these skills with the other skills required of the marketing manager in a successful manner. It’s a lot of work that goes beyond the traditional forms of marketing, but it can be a satisfying field of work for people who enjoy wearing multiple hats under one job title and gaining mastery while they’re at it.

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