Top 10 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Programs in Graphic Design

top-10-most-affordable-2017With an increase in digital marketing and communications, a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design is becoming more and more desirable as the years go by. Students who are interested in art, digital media, design and a plethora of other graphic arts and sciences make a good fit for the degree. Students can get a Bachelor’s of Science degree or a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Graphic Design depending on their personal preferences and the school they attend.

For our Value Colleges list we chose colleges and universities that offered their entire degree program online so that students can work at their own pace from anywhere in the world while obtaining their degree, and did not include programs with cost-per-credit exceeding $1300, ensuring you can find a top-notch program at an affordable price to continue our mission of sharing your Best Value options for college.


Rasmussen College

The online Bachelor of Art degree in Graphic Design at Rasmussen College offers some of the most up-to-date technologies available to students today. Students learn a range of skills including typography, photography, audio and video editing, traditional print design, and interactive media and user experience design. In addition to course work, students can also opt into one of two unique opportunities in an internship course or a final design project course. The program also offers two specializations: Animation and Motion Graphics or Web and Interactive Design making it easy for students to choose a specialization that will allow them to stand out in a competitive market. Additionally, Flex Choice is a special offering from Rasmussen College that allows students to adjust their online college experience to the needs of their schedules using self-directed assessments and an accessible online program.

Cost per credit: $260


Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University Online is proud to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design that uses some of the most advanced graphic design hard- and software available on the market today. Conveniently the online program offers options to learn on either a Mac or a PC and classes are open with twenty-four hour access so students can attend when it is convenient for them. The flexibility offered by Southern New Hampshire University additionally allows students to complete their degree full or part time. When considering joining an online degree program, many students are hesitant to join or obtain a degree online for fear of missing out on networking opportunities and the college experience. Southern New Hampshire’s online program takes this into consideration and thus provides students with a nationwide network of alumni that aid in placing students into internship and career experiences.

Cost per credit: $320 ($225 military)


Liberty University Online

If you are interested in exploring creative ideas and concepts, are comfortable using a computer, enjoy problem solving and working alone, and are interested in using strong visual statements to translate messages, specifically from a marketing perspective, then the Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Liberty University Online is the right fit for you. Liberty University Online’s top-notch Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – Graphic Design Program, prides itself in using “training [that] includes publication design, vector illustration, typography, animation, and the fundamentals of design.” With an increasing need for well-rounded designers, Liberty further prides itself in offering one of the few preprofessional Graphic Design degree programs available completely online in the United States.

This extensive program provides a solid overview of art history in addition to the hands-on learning approach to the main focus – digital arts. The program produces alumni with not only a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, but also a balanced and informed education that will prepare students to directly enter the workforce in a thriving field.

Cost per credit: $390


Bellevue University

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission through the U.S. Department of Education, Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design can be completed entirely online and at the students pacing. Bellevue prides itself in offering the flexibility of online learning with the top-notch educational experiences often only found on a college campus. Additionally the multidisciplinary program teaches students a solid understanding of design and development elements using creative visualization and critical thinking and problem solving skills. In addition, the online degree offers flexibility that accommodates personal and work life for students and pupils can complete the program online at their own pace, full or part time.

Cost per credit: $410


Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

The Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design prides itself in its unique approach to learning and problem solving. Students begin by gaining a strong core foundation of basics like color, image manipulation and illustration before moving on to concept development, implementation and choosing a concentration. The Graphic Design program uses only the best and most professional technologies available on the market today including screen-based visual communication that implements interactive design and development components. Because of their commitment to using only cutting edge technologies and qualified instructors, students graduate ready to shine in an often competitive career market.

Cost per credit: $464


The Art Institute Online

The Art Institute Online prides itself in offering state of the art technologies and a top-notch program that stays up to date with an ever changing market. Considering many employers today look for someone qualified in both graphic design and other media such as web design and development, The Art Institute Online offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic and Web Design promising well-rounded and qualified alumni after graduation. In addition to the major’s coursework students can choose a print or interactive concentration. All students take courses to get a strong base in design before focusing into their concentrations. Some of these courses cover subjects like color and design fundamentals, traditional typography, web page scripting, and interactive motion graphics. The program is intensive and fast paced but can be flexible to adjust to a student’s busy schedule, or the program can be completed part time.

Cost per credit: $470


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Full Sail University

Graphic Designers from  Full Sail University are some of the most qualified in the nation having obtained a degree that mingles the art and business sides of a Graphic Design degree and career. The Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts and Design at Full Sail strives to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field of design as a whole. Full Sail also includes coursework in print publishing to interface design and aesthetics projects, critiques and studies via pop culture. Full Sail prides itself in offering this balance between technical proficiency and creative development in the classroom and throughout the Graphic Design department. Additionally the Career Services Department at Full Sail works closely with their students and alumni to ensure they are on the right path to the career of their dreams.

Cost per credit: $646


Berkeley College

Berkeley College, in White Plains, NY prides itself on offering a compelling visual communications program for its students of Graphic Design. Their innovative program is equally focused on education and after college career success. Each student enrolled in the program has the ability to work closely with the Career Services Department to secure future employment in their field after graduation. Founded on strong design and art principles the graphic design Bachelor of Arts curriculum encourages problem-solving based learning processes that incorporate a range of traditional, digital and emerging media. Online coursework is as invigorating and challenging as the on-campus experience and equally incorporates and encourages conceptual problem solving, critical thinking and creativity from all pupils. Students even have the chance to work one on one with with Interior Design and Design Management students and network with additional members of the professional design, art and film community and contribute to the department website.

Cost per credit: $825


Savannah College of Art and Design

Graphic Design students at  Savannah College of Art and Design, also well known as SCAD for short, gain a fluency like no other in the language that defines our worlds leading brandings and organizations today. As a liberal arts college the holistic approach to learning extends to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. Priding itself as one of the most innovative arts colleges in the nation, SCAD’s mission to prepare its students for the art and design world of tomorrow extends throughout the Graphic Arts program as seen in the coursework and professional faculty. The program teaches students the fundamentals of art and design while equally preparing them to be leaders professionally in their careers after college.

Cost per credit: $1270