25 Best Pandemic-Proof Jobs and Remote Work Careers

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You may have heard of recession-proof jobs, but until 2020, few of us thought about pandemic-proof jobs. However, pandemic-proof careers are in demand. If your career, bank account, and mental health were negatively affected by the pandemic, you’re not alone. Many people have found themselves struggling to make ends meet, and are now thinking about a career change to a field that’s more likely to remain stable throughout these changing times

Many jobs shut down during the worst of the pandemic, while others flourished. Luckily, many people have found that it’s simple to transition from an industry destabilized by the pandemic to a career in an industry that has proven its ability to thrive in an emergency situation. Even if you’re not ready to make the switch to a new job just yet, this is a good time to think about the education you may need or the experience you’d like to gain before making a career transition. Tech jobs, government jobs, and trades are some of the most secure jobs in a pandemic. Career paths in the legal profession are a smart direction too.

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Let’s take a look at some of the best careers for remote work, and what you can expect if you decide to make a transition to a new career path. 

1. Account management (account manager, customer success)

One of the best careers to work remotely, with high job growth according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, working in account management can be done from virtually anywhere. As an account manager, you’ll talk with customers and clients about their accounts, ensuring that their needs are being met by your company. This work is commonly done over the phone or via email, and rarely requires face to face interaction. In the event that a customer does require a face to face meeting, it’s commonplace for their account manager to meet them at their place of business. In order to be successful in account management, it’s essential to be a great communicator, and to pay close attention to detail. Account managers work to make every client feel like the most important client in the company. 

2. Communications specialists

Many industries are struggling with keeping their customers on board during these trying times, and having a solid communications plan is a key part of keeping customers engaged. This is especially true for businesses that typically thrive with face to face interaction. As a communications specialist, you’ll work to develop a plan to communicate with the media about your business in a positive way. You’ll attack any press issues head on, and you’ll be responsible for speaking for the company. This can require you to stay cool under pressure, while also being able to convey appropriate emotion around tough situations for your company. This job requires you to able to speak clearly and confidently, and also requires excellent writing skills. 

3. Construction

If you’ve had to drive at all in the past a few months, you’ve noticed that construction has not slowed down. Regardless of the pandemic, new buildings, new roadways, and new structures have continued to rise. Construction projects rarely need to pause, and both public and private companies are constantly working to expand. If you decide to go into construction, you may be able to find on the job training that allows you to work your way up. People who work in construction need to be comfortable with physical labor (for hands-on jobs) or need to be familiar with construction management and design. 

4. Customer service

Now more than ever, companies are relying on their customer service representatives to help them keep customers. In these difficult times, customers are often calling into customer service centers tense and frustrated, and it takes talented customer service representatives to deescalate situations and make customers happy. As a customer service representative, you can work from anywhere. Known as one of the best remote careers, working in customer service can be done at your kitchen table, on your couch – anywhere that you have access to your phone and/ or your computer. If you come across issues that you can’t handle, you’ll be able to transfer customers to a supervisor. Customer service training can be done quickly, and is a great way to get started with a new company. 

5. Data scientists

The thought of a data scientist conjures up images of working in a lab – but this is actually one of the best careers for remote work. Data scientists use computer science to develop data collection systems, analyze data collected from samples, and use that data to make recommendations for new initiatives and changes to existing structures within a company. The day to day work of a data scientist can differ greatly depending on the industry, but one fact remains the same: much of the work that a data scientist does can be completed from home. While data scientists do need to give reports of their recommendations from time to time, their work is often spent digging deep into numbers, deciding which data sets are significant, and how to best use that data to make a positive difference within a company. It’s one of the most secure jobs in the tech industry, offering financial stability even with a bachelor’s degree.

6. Delivery Driver

While not one of the best careers for working remotely, working as a delivery driver is an excellent way to have guaranteed work during the pandemic. When you work as a delivery driver, you have several options. You can work for one company, taking on day to day work. You can also work for services such as GrubHub or UberEats, working as your schedule allows. Many companies are now mandating contactless delivery, allowing you to stay safer than you would with traditional, face to face delivery. This is a great time to get into the delivery field – many companies are finding that they have more deliveries than they can handle, and are searching for new delivery drivers. 

7. Design operation managers/leads

More than ever, companies are becoming reliant on their digital interface and product design in order to provide their customers with a fantastic experience. This means that the design process – from ordering to the physical design of the product – must be flawless. Design operation managers work to ensure that the design team is working in a streamlined fashion. This job is one of the best careers for remote work, as all members of the design team can check in with the design operation manager virtually. Zoom meetings, Google hangouts, and quickly being able to send pictures via text and email has made this job a fantastic remote work option. 

8. Designers 

Since the onset of the pandemic, many people have been ordering products online that they would typically buy in a store. This means that packaging is a key aspect of the product experience. Companies are working to enhance their user experience by enhancing their packaging, and this means that there’s a high need for designers. For people who are experienced using design software, working as a designer is one of the best remote careers available. When you work as a remote designer, you get to work on your own time, during whatever hours make the most sense for you creatively. 

9. Ecommerce and online retailers

Have you found yourself doing more online shopping since the onset of the pandemic? You’re not alone. Ecommerce is booming, and many online retailers have found that they’re struggling to keep up with the workload. Whether you want to start your own ecommerce business or help someone else keep up with their business demands, working in the field of ecommerce is a smart move right now. Working in ecommerce is a great way to break into a new industry, even if you’re only able to start ecommerce work on a part time basis. 

10. Healthcare, MedTech, and pharmaceutical

two woman in health management having conversation

One thing has become clear during these hard times – the medical industry is more necessary than ever. Working in hands on healthcare is an excellent way for you to make a difference in the world while also enjoying a stable career. If you’ve been thinking about getting into the healthcare industry, you may want to consider learning how to work in the medical records field. Known as one of the best careers for working remotely, working in medical records can allow you to make a positive difference in healthcare while also enjoying a flexible schedule and working from home. 

11. Information Security Analyst

People are relying on online businesses more than ever, and it’s essential that they’re able to shop and work safely online. An information security analyst can work in several different industries, including in the government, as well as in the public and private sectors. This is one of the best careers to work remotely as nearly all of the work is done online. While recommendations do need to be made for the company from time to time, this can be done easily over Zoom or other meeting software. If you enjoy working with computers and have a basic understanding of internet technology, working as an information security analyst may be a good fit for you. 

12. Logistics and Warehousing 

Have you ordered from online warehouses more often than normal over the past few months? So has most of America. Warehouse giants like Amazon are struggling to keep up with the increase in orders, and they’re searching for people who can work many different aspects of getting their shipments out on time. If you have the skills to do the physical work of a warehouse (such as operating a forklift), your skills are in high demand. If you don’t have such skills, you can quickly learn how to work as an order selector, or learn how to manage others who are compiling orders. 

13. Market Research Analyst

Companies are working hard to understand how to meet the needs of their target audience, and market research analysts are a huge part of understanding what their target audience is looking for when they purchase a product or service. Market research analysts use data taken by large companies and translate it into actionable next steps that companies can use to learn more about the needs of their audience. Market research analysts are needed across all industries that provide a product or service. Since a market research analyst typically works with large sets of data, the work is mostly independent and can largely be done on a remote basis. 

14. Personal Care Aide

While we’re all staying home as much as possible, it’s still essential that some healthcare workers enter the homes of others in order to provide essential care. A personal care aide works with patients one on one to help them with daily tasks, and may also be responsible for providing certain healthcare treatments. Personal care aides are especially important right now, as many people who require personal care are immunocompromised and are unable to leave their homes due to the pandemic. 

15. Physical Therapy Assistant

Many physical therapists are transitioning to virtual appointments, and working as a physical therapy assistant can be an excellent career in these unprecedented times. As a physical therapy assistant, you may work in the office with the physical therapist for people who need to be seen in person, or helping them with paperwork and scheduling. Much of the coursework to become a physical therapy assistant can be done online. If you think that you may eventually want to work as a physical therapy assistant, this is a great time to begin your education so that you can search for a career in the field. 

16. Product Developers

Companies are developing new products to meet the ever-changing needs of customers during these difficult times, and that requires product managers who work to become experts on particular products. Professionals in this role work to oversee all levels of product development, from conception to helping the product to thrive in a tricky economic landscape. Working as a product manager requires stellar leadership skills, focus, and a desire to help the company succeed. Working as a product manager can be done remotely, but often requires regular communication with others. It’s key to be able to be available for online meetings to brainstorm and troubleshoot with others while working in a product management position. 

17. Project Managers

While the world looks different right now, companies are still working hard to develop new projects and initiatives. If you have solid leadership skills and know how to motivate a team, working as a project manager may be a good fit for you. One of the best careers for remote work, project management allows you to oversee all aspects of a project. In this position, it’s important to be able to see the big picture, and to break large jobs down into small tasks. Project managers need to be detail-oriented, and able to keep a team on task until a project is done. 

18. Registered Nurse

Nurses are working harder than ever to fight COVID-19, and they’re also more short staffed than ever. Working as a registered nurse puts you on the front lines of the pandemic. This rewarding and difficult work is incredibly important, and will allow you to positively affect the lives of your patients. As a registered nurse, you’ll work closely with a treatment team to treat patients. You may provide telephone consults, administer medication, and provide medical treatments to your patients. Your day to day role may change significantly as the coronavirus ebbs and flows. 

19. Sales 

Much of sales work is done online or over the phone, and that has never been more true than it is today. Working in sales is perfect for someone who wants to work from home and develop their own hours. Working as an account executive is perfect for someone who is self motivated, enjoys working with people, and is able to speak to others with confidence. Working in sales is also a great way to get in on the ground level of a new company, helping them to grow their customer base one new client at a time. 

20. Service design

In a time when nothing is as it used to be, service design is a key part of many companies. Service design dictates how a business functions to create the employee experience, which then affects the customer experience. Service design is a good fit for people who are able to see both the big and little picture, understanding how large systems affect individuals. People who work in service design need to be able to look at a large company and notice trends, and use that information to improve the experience of the employees as a whole. 

21. Software Developer

Have a creative mind that you’d like to put to good use? Working as a software developer may be the perfect career fit for you. A software developer creates new software programs that allow a company to better meet the needs of it’s employees and customers. Working as a software developer can allow you to combine your love for technology with other passions, and gives you the chance to think creatively and make a unique new product. 

22. Software engineers

One of the best careers to work remotely, working as a software engineer is great for people who are able to develop unique solutions to problems. Unlike software developers, software engineers work to find ways to make software “work,” i.e.., getting it to work in a way that creates an excellent user experience. In addition to being one of the best careers for remote work, it’s also possible to get training to become a software engineer online, making it possible to learn the tricks of the trade while you’re still working your regular 9 to 5. 

23. Solar Panel Installer (Alternative Energy)

Many people are working hard to save money wherever possible, and to develop sustainable energy systems in the event that they are no longer able to rely on their usual power source. Solar energy installations are on the rise, and working as a solar panel installer is a rising industry. The training to work as a solar panel installer is quick, and you’ll have no shortage of work as you begin your new career. 

24. UX researchers

UX stands for user experience, and many companies are focusing heavily on how they can make their website, apps, and other customer service interfaces as user friendly as possible. As a UX researcher, you’ll gather and analyze data on how easily customers are able to navigate the services the company provides. You may also provide the company with recommendations on how they can make their user experience even better for the customer. This is one of the best remote careers for people who enjoy working with data. 

25. Website Developer

Online businesses are popping up left and right, and many people who are getting their businesses online need help creating effective websites. If you’re thinking about getting started as a website designer, you’ll be glad to know that many website designers are self taught. If you’re willing to invest the time to learn website design, this can be a lucrative career. 

More on Remote Work Careers

If you’re ready to make a career change into an industry that’s more stable, and can provide you with a sense of financial security during these uncertain times, you’re making a smart move. Getting into one of the above fields won’t just give you job stability during the pandemic – it will help you stay secure and needed in your position no matter what happens in the coming years. Many workers, even government workers, felt the crunch.

If you’re thinking about making a career change, this may not be the best time to let your employer know that you’re not going to be with the company for the long haul. Working quietly on getting your education and experience to move into a new field may best be done at home, unless you’re able to move into one of these roles within your current company. If you think that you may be able to move into a more stable role in your current company, talk with your supervisor about your desire for a more stable position within the organization. Be sure to mention excellent work you’ve done recently, as well as how you believe your current job has prepared you for your new role. 

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