• 25 Best Summer Pre-Law Programs for 2020

    There are many reasons a pre law summer program is the right choice for a prospective law student. As you know, law school is no joke, and getting your feet wet before the big plunge might make for a healthy transition. Other things to consider include the fact that there are many skills that might …

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  • Who Can Go to College for Free?

    Wondering how to get a free college education? You’re not alone. The high cost of a college education has many students searching for a list of free colleges in order to attend school in a way that doesn’t break the bank. “How can I go to college for free?” you may ask. Let’s take a …

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  • 25 Tuition-Free Colleges for 2020

    So you’re looking for a deal like no other on college – the best possible value. Well, how do you feel about free? I’m sure you have many questions – is free tuition really free? Can a free college really work for me? There are many available options for students who are seeking free college tuition …

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  • How is a Summer Pre-Law Program Different from an Internship?

    While some Summer Pre-Law Programs have embedded internships, they are generally more focused on coursework and gaining insight on the path ahead. Basically, many pre-law programs cater to students who are in the early stages of achieving a bachelor’s degree. The majority of undergraduate students that participate are thinking ahead and, as they should be, …

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  • Can I Get a Laptop for Free Online Courses?

    Technology inclusion and innovation are driving forces in today’s world of postsecondary learning, both in the traditional classroom format and in the virtual learning sphere. As you probably have noticed, there is so much online learning embedded into most institutions these days, not to mention full online degree programming and even entire schools who only …

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  • 25 Colleges that Offer Free Laptops or iPads

    Free Technology? What? It’s true, as if achieving a degree is not enough of a prize, there are some institutions that are incentivizing learning by offering iPads or free laptops for college students. Many of the programs on list that are providing these resources are specifically for online or hybrid learning, but that is not …

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  • 25 Most Affordable Online Engineering Master’s for 2020

    For working engineers who want to get an advanced degree, finding a cheap online master’s degree in engineering is the best way to start saving money. Many degree programs require you to take classes that may not fall into line with your final goals. Colleges and universities are developing affordable masters of engineering degree programs …

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  • What Can You Do With a Master’s in Engineering?

    The types of engineering jobs the student is interested in determines what type of specialization to choose. Different types of engineer degrees at the master’s level also include electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and industrial engineering. At the graduate level, mechanical engineering is the second most popular degree choice for those who …

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  • Is ABET Accreditation Important?

    It is essential that any school that wants to be considered a leader in its field receives the proper ABET accreditation for engineering and technology. ABET stands for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. ABET accreditation is received by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET in conjunction with the ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and …

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  • Is an Online Engineering Master’s Worth It?

    Many students often wonder if an online engineering master’s is worth it. To effectively answer that question, it’s important to ask about what types of engineers make the most money and what opportunities an engineering graduate has open to them as they move forward with their career. A master’s of engineering salary can range quite …

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  • What are the Highest-Paying Engineering Jobs?

    There are several fields a person can choose from when entering into engineering. All of them can make a person a lucrative salary, but some rank as the highest paying engineering jobs. While many engineering careers require a master’s degree, there are some very rewarding areas of engineering that require only a bachelor’s, including mechanical …

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  • What Can I Do with an Engineering Bachelor’s?

    When you are looking into career options and your education, you may consider a bachelor’s degree in engineering as a solution to reach your goals. An engineering degree offers an opportunity to work on the design and use of technology, machines, and other projects. It gives you the tools to build new products or to …

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