• What Does a DNP Do?

    In the report Advancing the Nation’s Health Needs, the National Research Council stated that the nursing industry should develop a non-research doctoral degree (like the DNP), meaning that the Council saw a need for the change. The Council stated in its report that the degree progression as it existed for nursing professions at the time …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online DNP for 2020

    By pursuing the Doctor of Nursing science programs online, students have the ability to maintain their current work schedule in nursing while expanding their education. Choosing the online format gives students the flexibility to choose programs that fit their personal career goals, especially when local programs may not offer a particular specialization. An online DNP …

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  • Is a Doctor of Nursing Practice Right for Me?

    A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a doctoral degree often pursued by advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who want to move into higher levels of employment. It’s the next step beyond the MSN, and many specializations that once required a master’s will soon require a DNP. DNP programs were created as a way to …

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  • What Education Do You Need to Become a Teacher?

    One of the burning questions for those looking to enter the teaching profession is “I want to be a teacher; where do I start?” When answering this question, students find that there are several requirements for becoming a teacher.  Requirements For Becoming A Teacher Obtain A Bachelor Degree Pass Required Praxis Tests For Subject Area …

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  • What’s the Difference Between Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education?

    Early childhood education and elementary education in the United States make up overlapping slices of the education industry. They are dedicated to teaching young learners: students aged from birth through approximately eight years old for early childhood, and those from 1st grade to 5th grade in elementary school. An early childhood education job description would …

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  • Should I Become a Special Education Teacher?

    Special education teachers work with students who have been diagnosed with a disability. Disabilities may be mental, physical, learning, or emotional. A special education teacher degree and certification qualifies the educator to teach disabled students and teach basic skills to general education students.  Special Education Teacher Description  One of the biggest challenges in special education …

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  • What is Special Education Inclusion?

    Originally, the concept of inclusive education materialized over issues with segregating disabled students in public schools. Children with disabilities faced issues such as school removal, segregated classrooms, or no in-class support. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was created to ensure all children receive a free and appropriate public education. Within the legislation is …

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  • How Do I Become a Teacher if I Already Have a Bachelor’s Degree?

    For those who desire teaching jobs without a degree in teaching, there are several options for starting a teaching career from the ground up:  Daycare/Childcare Teacher Private Schools Public Library Assistant Daycares and childcare facilities in every state seek out teachers for their preschool classrooms, and most do not require a degree of any level. …

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  • What is the Praxis Test?

    The Praxis test is a series of exams administered (and managed) by the Education Testing Service (ETS) across the continental United States and any other U.S. territory. In most states, it is a crucial part of becoming a teacher. Praxis tests were, and continue to be, crafted with a fundamental purpose — to create an …

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  • Top 10 Best Online Master’s in Special Education Degree Programs for 2020

    In a field like Special Education, roles are always changing. As our understanding grows, we learn how to more effectively meet the needs of students with learning disabilities, physical challenges, and other special requirements. For teachers in Special Education, the continually-growing body of research can be hard to keep up with. That’s one of the …

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  • Top 10 Best Online Associate’s in Special Education Degree Programs for 2020

    A career in special education is one of the most challenging and rewarding specializations in education, but where to start? To get a feel for the job, many prospective special education teachers begin with a lower-level position, such as a teacher’s assistant in a special ed classroom. Specialized training comes in the form of earning …

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  • Top 10 Best Online Master’s in Elementary Education Degrees for 2020

    The best online elementary education master’s degree programs are designed to take the skills that an experienced teacher would already possess from becoming a teacher and expand upon them, giving them the ability to work with more specialized students or programs that may be a need at the school. When a teacher reviews a list …

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