• Top 50 Best Universities for Artificial Intelligence in the World

    Do you want to study artificial intelligence? Most of us use Artificial Intelligence (AI) every day in our interactions with the world. Practical speech and voice recognition embedded in our phones gives us the ability to use voice commands to request things from our devices. Have you ever noticed how your voice recognition on your …

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  • Top MPA Programs: Best Value Residential Master’s of Public Administration (MPA)

    Leadership in civil service is a challenge quite unlike management and administration in private industry. While managers in private business have to worry about satisfying their bosses, and executives answer to the stockholders or board of directors, professionals in public administration also have to answer to the public – voters and their elected representatives. That …

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  • Top 10 Best Online Elementary Education Degree Programs

    For those wondering how to become a school teacher, a teaching degree is required in most states across the United States. Obtaining a teaching degree is easy and accessible when trying to get your teaching degree online. While an associate’s degree will get you in the classroom as a teacher’s assistant, for those who want …

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  • Top 25 Best MPH Online Programs for Value in the United States

    In the 21st century, public health is one of the fastest-growing and most critical fields of study. While the US population continues to grow steadily, population growth in the developing world is exploding; an increasingly interconnected world means that public health no longer happens at just the local and community level, but in a vast …

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  • Criminology vs Criminal Justice: What’s the Difference?

    “Criminology vs criminal justice” is a common search term for people who want to go into the field. It’s understandable; The question can get a bit confusing at times. So, what is the difference between criminal justice and criminology? The two terms are often used interchangeably, but they actually have very different meanings. Take a …

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  • Top 25 University Coding Bootcamp Programs in the United States

    The university coding bootcamp is currently one of the most exciting innovations in tech education. Starting with Dev Bootcamp in 2012, the market demand for short-term, intensive programming workshops has exploded, with new startups emerging by the dozen. With all this success, it’s inevitable that traditional colleges and universities are getting in on the act. …

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  • 25 Tuition Free Colleges and Universities in the US

    So you’re looking for a deal like no other on college – the best possible value. Well, how do you feel about free? I’m sure you have many questions – is free tuition really free? Can a free college really work for me? There are many available options for students who are seeking free college tuition …

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  • Top 25 Cheap Online RN to BSN Programs for Working Nurses

    The best RN to BSN online programs can provide you with additional skills that will allow you to expand your current boundaries. If you are an RN and are interested in becoming an educator, an administrator, or a Director of Nursing, enrolling in a good online BSN program is the best way to accomplish your …

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  • Top 25 Best On-Campus Information Technology IT Schools

    An information technology bachelor’s degree is one of the most versatile, market-ready choices for new college students. It provides a broad foundation in the systems that make modern life possible, giving students the opportunity to begin a career right out of the gate or setting the stage for more advanced degrees, certifications, and specializations. From …

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  • Top 10 Best Cheap Online Colleges in the United States Now

    There are a lot of ways to measure value, but sometimes, you just want to know: how cheap can I get it. Well, here you go – the cheapest online universities. These are schools that offer a low-cost online education beyond the bachelor’s, including master’s and doctorate, but not just any cheap school. These all …

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  • Top 25 Most Affordable Online MBA Programs in the United States

    Students who are looking for the most affordable online MBA degrees can find some good deals if they know where to look and what resources are available to them. A fully online MBA program makes it easy for a student to continue working at the same time they are continuing their education. MBA degree programs …

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  • 25 Best Project Management Certification Programs Online

    If you’re a working professional already in a project management position or looking for a promotion to more responsibility that may include project management, a certificate program can offer just what you need. Colleges and universities offer certificates through a variety of departments: business schools, Extended Study, Continuing Education, School of Professional Studies, or others. …

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