What Can I Do with a Project Management Certificate?

Those who are considering getting a project management certificate would be wise to do their research before investing the time, energy, and financial resources necessary to complete it. The good news is that there are plenty of jobs with project management certification that graduates will be eligible to apply for upon completion of their degree. 

What Skills Are Employers Looking For?

Those with a project management certification on their resume easily signal various skill sets to potential recruiters and managers. The top 7 skills that excellent project managers exhibit include:

  • clear, concise communication
  • savvy negotiation
  • wise scheduling and time management skills
  • magnetic leadership
  • technical skill sets (such as experience with leading computer programs)
  • careful risk management
  • objective critical thinking and nimble problem solving

There are plenty of excellent programs for those interested in this booming career field. Check out a few options in your area – it’s the perfect time to dive into studying project management, since most programs are conducted remotely. No need to arrange as much childcare, commute to campus, or any of the extra effort usually required to complete a degree in project management. 

Featured Programs

Jobs with Project Management Certification

Project management certification jobs include project management positions, operations management positions, and others in a variety of industries. According to an article from the Project Management Institute, while there has been some pessimism as the pandemic continues to drag on, there are plenty of opportunities for those with stellar project management skills. Anyone who is considering beginning a certificate in project management program would be wise to acquire these skills. It doesn’t matter if students are just starting out, perhaps recent college graduates, or perhaps they’re just looking for a mid-career boost. Studying project management is a worthwhile endeavor for all kinds of students. 

In the next few years, project management certification job opportunities are expected to increase in the following sectors: telecom, financial services, energy, healthcare, IT, and construction. All of these businesses are booming these days, despite COVID-19, so it’s a good idea for people to make themselves as well-prepared as possible for a job in one or more of these industries to enhance the probability of future job security. No one knows how long it will be before the pandemic settles down and a vaccine is widely available, so it’s best to be prepared for whatever comes up in the next few years. 

Project Management Certificate Jobs

Prospective students naturally ask, what jobs can you get with a project management certificate? Will it be worth my time and expense? These are important questions to ask, particularly during the economic downturn occurring in the US and many other countries right now due to the pandemic. What jobs can I get with a project management certification? While hiring is down across the country, there are plenty of opportunities for those who learn project management skills and have a solid network to tap into upon completion of the program.

Project management certificate jobs are in demand now and are only expected to increase as time goes on. Even in today’s challenging economy, companies are forward-thinking and looking for that competitive edge that sets them apart, so certificate in project management jobs aren’t going anywhere. While getting a project management certificate requires some investment of time, energy, and money, the ROI is almost always totally worth it. 

Project Management Certification Job Opportunities

A top program for those interested in pursuing certificate in project management jobs is at Purdue University. This program provides a great skill set for those interested in jobs for project management certification. PMPs (Project Management Professionals) are in-demand as companies strive to streamline processes and be as efficient as possible to adapt to the ever-changing economy. Those with jobs for project management certification can expect a salary increase of 20% on average. There’s no doubt about it – project management certification jobs pay well and are easier to find compared to those in many other industries. 

Getting a job

When it boils down to it, the main concern of any prospective student is whether they will be able to find a stable, well-paying job upon graduation. The answer, at least for those with project management certifications, is often yes. As always, it depends on the grit, gumption, and often, simple luck of each job-seeker. But those who ask, “what jobs can I get with a project management certification?” or “what jobs can you get with a project management certificate?” often find that there are abundant opportunities in today’s workforce for those with project management skillsets. 

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